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Regular and routine “well checks” (WC) are a necessary part of your child’s healthcare. Our office provides very through WC visits. We listen to your questions and attempt to address and answer all of your concerns. In addition we review in detail multiple aspects of your child’s health and development including developmental milestones, speech development, social development, safety concerns, nutrition, sleep patterns and medical issues, to name a few. We also provide parenting advice and tips for you concerning your child and their stage in the “growing-up” process. Many additional information handouts are available for problems or concerns that may not have been specifically addressed in the routine WC packet.

We provide for each WC detailed interactive questionnaires, completed by the parent, that allow not only for an accurate assessment of your child’s health and development, but also provide guidelines for what is expected to occur between WCs. With each visit you will also receive age specific information sheets covering a wide variety of information regarding your child’s health and future.

We measure and plot on appropriate “growth charts” your child’s parameters and we closely follow any growth concerns. This aspect of your child’s regular health care is important not just during infancy but throughout their childhood. Potential growth problems, if identified early, can frequently be reversed.

Childhood Immunizations are also available at our office. With each appropriate WC visit we explain in detail each vaccination recommended for your child. We also provide literature as well as a list of websites, if requested, that provide accurate information regarding your child’s Immunization schedule. We answer your questions and listen to your concerns.

In addition we keep an up to date “Problem List” on your child that allows both you and the office staff to keep current on any ongoing concerns or medical issues.

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